Who We Are

Project Dot was founded by two Las Vegas-born high-schoolers who want to make a difference – one Project Dot kit at a time.

They came up with the concept for Project Dot after volunteering at many homeless shelters in our community.  They saw that many of the homeless people coming to the food kitchens were women and yet most hygiene kits were geared for men.

They realized the women on the streets didn’t have any tampons or pads to help them when it was their time of the month.

Project Dot was born!

The founders are now off to college and Project Dot is on its third generation of teen leadership.  

Our Youth Board

 Sophie Cain President

Lillian Timmons Vice President

Noah Kove Director of Procurement

Edmund Cain Director of Distribution 

Our Executive Board

Carolyn Wheeler – Director            Mary Marcos – Treasurer                Christina Dugan – Secretary      Anna Kove – Development  Lindsay Wheeler – Founder              Zoey Cornelius – Founder

Our Mission

Project Dot’s mission is to provide feminine hygiene products to homeless and low-income girls, women, binary, and transmen to give them dignity and help take the hassle of having their monthly cycles while raising awareness of the need for proper hygiene and generating community support for the homeless and low-income community.